Prom Night (1980)


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What’s It All About? On Prom Night, A killer stalks four teenagers responsible for death of a little girl.

Where Is The Love? When John Carpenter released Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis became the girl every horrorphile was going crazy for. Soon after, Miss Curtis would continue to grace the silver screen. Prom Night was one of these films. A body count, a dark past and a terrible disco soundtrack, this film had everything going for it. Today, it might appear somewhat generic in scope of all the other great slasher classics that time has spawned. But audiences need to remember that this was released when the slasher genre was just getting started, and by that means, still deserves a place in the vault of cult classics.

Cult Status Though it was once a popular release in the drive-in movie circuit. Not wildly remembered today, the film did gain commercial success and spawned three sequels. In 2008, a remake was even made, gaining itself a whole new generation of slasher enthusiasts


Directed by Paul Lynch

Run Time 92 Min

Genre Horror

What else should I watch? Carrie (1976), Halloween (1979), Terror Train (1980)


Leprechaun (1993)


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What’s It All About? A sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing spree after losing his pot of gold.

Where Is The Love? Read the log-line. The film’s premise is so ridiculous that you can’t help but to love it. The 1990’s saw thousands of cheesy horror films and Leprechaun is fondly remembered to be the Brie de Meaux. The highlight of the film comes with one of the greatest deaths in cinematic history – death by a pogo stick. There’s no doubt why people love Leprechaun. It compasses everything wrong with a film, that for some, makes everything so right.

Cult Status Remembered as Jennifer Anniston’s debut role, Leprechaun is gaining a bigger fandom today then it was originally released. The film become a huge cult classic in the 90s, but audience began to lose interest after 6 sequels. If you’re looking for a great movie for St. Patrick’s Day, but still need to devour something horrendously bad, give Leprechaun a chance – it won’t disappoint.

Directed by Mark Jones

Run Time 92 Min

Genre Horror Comedy

What else should I watch? Troll 2 (1990), Leprechaun 2 (1994), A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998)*

  • Warwick Davis who plays the psychotic leprechaun in film stars in A Very Unlucky Leprechaun, a hilariously bad family film.

All About Evil (2010)

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What’s It All About? A librarian results to shooting snuff horror films in order to save her father’s old movie house.

Where Is The Love? All About Evil is a cult film for cult film lovers. It encompasses the campy, the gory and the bizarre at such a fine balance that you can’t help but to love it. What makes the film so fun is its range of film references that every cult film fanatic would be able to identify: All About Eve, The Shining, Sunset Blvd, Carrie, Elvira: Miss Of Darkness, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, Psycho and Theatre Of Blood – to name a few.

Cult Status Directed by cult leader Peaches Christ, the film gained its fandom among the San Francisco Midnight Mass Scene. Cult icons such as Natasha Lyonne (But I’m A Cheerleader), Mink Stole (Female Trouble), Cassandra Peterson (Elvira: Mistress Of Darkness), Kat Turner (Inland Empire)  and Patrick Bristow (Showgirls) all make appearances in the film. In lament terms, All About Evil is basically the The Expendables equivalent of the underground cult movie scene.

Directed by Joshua Grannell

Run Time 98 Min

Genre Horror Comedy

What else should I watch? Cecil B. Demented (2000), Die, Mommie, Die! (2003), John Dies At The End (2012)

Hedwig And The Angry Inch (2001)


What’s It All About? A gay man escapes east Germany to America to become a genderbending rock ‘n roll icon.

Where Is The Love?  The idea of gender identity issues has only reached the media spotlight in recent years. Back in 2001, the distinctions between transgender, genderqueer or drag queen was all unheard of until Hedwig attempted to set the record straight. While being campy, outrageously funny and transgressive, the film is also a major milestone in LGBT culture, with some audiences even considering the film to be the millennial eras glam-rock response to Rocky Horror, making it one of the most important cult classics of the 21st century.

Cult Status Despite being an award-winning off-broadway musical, Hedwig And The Angry Inch was a commercial flop in cinemas. Over the years, it has developed a large and dedicated cult following, specifically in the transgender community. In 2014, it was revived on broadway, with Neil Patrick Harris winning  a tony award for his performance as Hedwig. Recent media coverage surrounding transgender issues also plays a role in the growing cult of the film, recognising it for its sophisticated, though overly campy, dramatisation of gender identity issues.

Directed by John Cameron Mitchell

Run Time 95 Min

Genre Musical Comedy Drama

What else should I watch? The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Velvet Goldmine (1998), Breakfast on Pluto (2005)

Horror Of Dracula (1958)

dracula 1958 02

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What’s It All About? The classic tale of Bram Stoker’s Dracula comes to life in this iconic Hammer horror film.

Where Is The Love? Most audiences are familiar with the classic Bela Lugosi version of Dracula, the seductive gentleman of the night. Few audience know of the Christopher Lee series of films, which debunked Lugosi’s suaveness and turned Dracula into an indestructible threat of terror. The film really set the tone for Hammer Productions, a studio known for its gothic and eerie films that questioned the campy antiques of 40’s and 50’s horror films, turning out some of the most terrifying and iconic horror film of the 1960’s that were both intellectual and gruesome.

Cult Status Hammer Productions aren’t as active as they were during their golden age in the late 50’s, dying down in popularity in the early 70’s. However films like The Horror Of Dracula still have a devoted fan base and appreciated for setting the tone for later films such as Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist.

Directed by Terence Fisher

Run Time 82 Min

Genre Horror

What else should I watch? The Curse Of Frankenstein (1957), The Mummy (1959)

Reefer Madness (1936)


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What’s It All About? A highly inaccurate propaganda film detailing the risks of marijuana.

Where Is The Love? The 1970’s saw the rise of exploitation films and drug use come in hand. College was the age of partying, free love and rebellion and the older generation wasn’t going to tolerate it. When universities brought Reefer Madness to campuses, they were aiming, like the filmmakers, to alarm students of the effect of drug use. Instead of terrifying students, it became a staple of humour and inaccuracy for the what the general public believed to be the effects of marijuana. Today, the film is highly celebrated by stoners and has become one of the best examples of a popular midnight movie.

Cult Status Reefer Madness is good example of a cult film well associated with subcultures, with Cannabis users celebrating the film for its inaccuracies, exploitive nature and it’s absurd plot line. The film is still appreciated today, with midnight screenings often taking place on April 20th Celebrations.

Directed by Louis J. Gasnier

Run Time 66 Min.

Genre Drama

What else should I watch? Marijuana (1936), Assassin Of Youth (1937)

Invaders From Mars (1953)


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What’s It All About? A Young boy, his psychiatrist and an astronomer attempt to stop Alien invaders from taking over the minds of earthlings.

Where Is The Love? Invaders from Mars is a classic definition of a 50’s drive in movie. independently produced, the story is just like any other 50’s sci-fi film – Aliens are strange and humanity is doomed in the age of the red scare. It’s a retro adventure from the past and should be taken on as just a cheap thrill. Because after all, it’s just another film aiming to make a buck, and you can’t help to laugh at how camp and lazy it is half century later, when the money-making world of film distribution is just the same.

Cult Status The 1950’s say a change in the way movies were released, which resulted in what is now known as the independent film. Invaders from Mars were one of the first independent films after a US supreme court ruling changed the way major film studios distributed films. The court ruling aimed to stop the practice of major film studios holding control over theatres, which meant that almost anybody had the ability to go out and write, direct and produce a motion picture and distribute it. What makes Invaders From Mars an iconic film was that it paved way for defining the characteristics of camp and  low-budget theatre, often defining what cult cinema and classic sci-fi is recognised as today.

Directed by William Cameron Menzies

Run Time 78 Min

Genre Horror Sci-Fi

What else should I watch? It Came From Outer Space (1953), Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)